Coincidentally, photography was born almost at the same time when Hong Kong became a colony. This invention provided timely a new language for the writing of Hong Kong's history, right starting from the first chapters, the narrative is as vivid as personal memories. However, due to technical limitations, nocturne had never been the early photographic subject. At the time the land was silhouetted by the moonlight, the people under dim oil lamps would hardly imagine this barren island could develop into a brilliant metropolis.
“What if the people of 1841 could ever witness today’s iconic night views?” This brought me up the idea of doing what is missing in my impressions of early Hong Kong—to picture it in the eternal moonlight. Literally, the exposure value of a full moon's light is EV −3, by adopting which will fiercely overexpose the city lights. To me, such imageries look equally unimaginable.
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