Thomas Lin is a Hong Kong-based photographer and art educator. His works combine different processes, focus on time, history and fate, which have been exhibited in Hong Kong and cities like Pomona, Vancouver, Taipei and Beijing, and are collected by private and public collections including the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. His solid knowledge on traditional image making serves as the main field of his art teaching.
major exhibitions:
2020-1841 a solo exhibition by Thomas Lin
2020, Lumenvisum, JCCAC, Hong Kong
INTERSECTIONS-TWO CITIES, photography exhibition (collaborated with George Ho)
2019, Centre A gallery, Vancouver BC, Canada
'Tête-Bêche⇋Paramita', at IMAGE OF THE SILK ROAD, The 2nd TianShui Photography Biennale
2018, Tianshui Convention and Exhibition Centre, Gansu, China
'EV−3', at ART UPON AN ISLAND, joint exhibition by Hong Kong Museum of Art
2017, Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong City Hall
'Tête-Bêche⇋Paramita', at SOCIAL JUSTICE, joint exhibition, Long Beach Arts Society
2015, SCA Project Gallery, Pomona, CA, USA
'Connections', at 300 FAMILIES photography exhibition
2015, The Palace 66, Shenyang, China
2014, The World Art Museum, Beijing, China
TÊTE-BÊCHE⇋PARAMITA photography exhibition tour 2014 (collaborated with George Ho)
1. Your Kontinent Media Arts Festival, Richmond Cultural Centre, Richmond BC, Canada
2. SOGO Fuxing Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
3. Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2014, JCCAC, Hong Kong
'Connections', at 300 FAMILIES photography exhibition, Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2013
2013, Hong Kong Design Institute Gallery
INTERSECTION, a multi-media art exhibition (collaborated with Gorge Ho)
2012, L1 Gallery, JCCAC, Hong Kong
'Hong Kong Report', at IN MY LIFE, PEARL OF THE ORIENT - HONG KONG exhibition
2012, Aberdeen Centre, Richmond BC, Canada
'Tête-bêche', at MEMORIES OF KING KOWLOON group exhibition
2011, ArtisTree, Swire Island East, Hong Kong
WAN CHAI REPORT photography exhibition
2010, Capital Cafe, Hong Kong
REPORT TO KING a solo exhibition by Thomas Lin
2009, JCCAC, Hong Kong
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