“We are both over 80, and have been married for 61 years. Now we don't expect much from life. We just wait for time to go by.” Mr Yu.

Connections is a family portrait project in 2013-2017, collaborated with the terminally ill patients from the Hospice Centres of North District Hospital, Grantham Hospital, and Queen Mary Hospital, supported by the Hong Kong International Photo Festival, and the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University. The work has been exhibited in Hong Kong, Bejing and Shenyang.

“The illness has troubled me for 20 years. I am grateful that my sister always takes care of me as I am unable to move freely recently. My other family members are living abroad, I hope to have a photo with all of them together.” Ms Man.

“My daughter is always my support. I have asked my brother to take care of her and hope she will be happy and healthy.” Ms Chau.

”Just after our wedding, I was nearly killed by this rare disease and did not expect later I was able to bring new life to the family. Now a pair of children have grown up, I am so complete.” Ms Tse.

“The medical crew is my family.” Mr Chau.

“He is a really good father. We can lose anything but not him.” Mrs Chong (for Mr Chong).

“I love my family and my family loves me too. I hope to go home and be able to do some simple things, such as eating and talking.” Mr Kwan.

“Life is impermanent. No one knows when they will reach the end of the road. But we still have to treasure the moment and carry on. For a four-generation family, quarrels are inevitable. I just wish my family well-being and harmony.” Ms Lee.

“Although it is difficult, but I am able to learn to live with my illness, all because of the support of the loved ones around. I feel so blessed.” Mr Wong.

“My sister is 20 years younger than me. In 1966, when she came to Hong Kong in her teens, we met for the first time. Now she takes care of me, Thank her!” Mr Yung.

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